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Zračna puška STEYR Challenge E

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Zračna puška STEYR Challenge E
3.790,00 €

Razpoložljivost: Na zalogi

total length: 1.140 mm
total height: 170 mm
length of sight: 750 - 890 mm
length of barrel: 450 mm
calibre: 4,5 mm (.177)
total weight: ca. 4.420 g
trigger: electronic
trigger pull: 15 - 250 g



(R)evolutionary air rifle technology:
• Patented STEYR Stabilizer provides absolutely no recoil while shooting
• Minimal movement during the shot release (E)
• Individually adjustable stock for the needs of each shooter
• Fore-end adjustable in length, height and swivel-mounted
• Fine adjustable trigger from 15 g (E)
• No movement at the trigger take up
• No movement of the trigger at the point of release (E)
• Redesigned loading area for better access
• External Velocity Adjustment
• Quick take down buttstock for comfortable transport!
• All STEYR Challenge models are available in 7 colours

Delivery includes:

  • plastic case (119 cm)
  • long rods for forend height approx. 81 - 118 mm
  • 1 compressed air cylinder with pressure gauge, available in silver, black, blue
  • 1 x AAA battery
  • Stock weights
  • tools
  • filling adapter
  • operator's manual
  • STEYR tin clip